Rock removal, Sea pocket Backfilling & Earth works for Port Said East Container Terminal Port phase 2

Suez Canal East Container Terminal (SCCT)
Royal Haskoning and Pacer
Main Contractor
China Harbor engineering company Egypt Ltd.
May.23, 2009 to Aug.5, 2009
Total Value
 9 million LE

Scope of Work
  • Soil backfill for sea pocket area of total quantity 205,000 m3 and up to -17 CD water depth
  • Removal of old protection
  • Installation of underwater sand bags to stop backfilling  of total quantity 5355 m3 and up to -17 CD water depth
  • Installation of silt curtain to stop pollution of total length 350m
  • Installation of underwater geotextile and install sand bags above it of total area 3660m2

  • Excavation with dewatering  of 158000m3 of soil up to 6.5 m using  multi -stage well point  dewatering system and transport the excavated material to the disposal area
  • Backfilling using  imported sand of  total quantity 118.000 m3