Shore Protection & Installation of Marine fixtures for Methanol Terminal Project-Damietta port

Egyptian Methanex Methanol Co. (E-Methanex)
Techint Co.
Main Contractor
Petrojet Co.
Oct. 2007 to Feb. 2009
Total Value
 20.00 million L.E

Scope of Work
  • Dry excavation (from initial ground to -1.00 CD) of total quantity= 110,000 m3.
  • Installation of deep well dewatering system to draw-down water level to (-7.00) CD and to enable for dry excavation up to (-6.00)CD of total quantity= 90,000 m3
  • 1st stage Leveling and slope protection works up to level -6.00 CD (8000 m2)
  • 2nd stage leveling (25,000m2) and slope protection works up to level (-14.50) CD and scour protection works at depth (-15.35) CD  (10,000 m2)
  • The work includes the installation for the Dolphin Pilling heads, fenders and the steel foot paths by using floating crane on barge.